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I Help the Active Aging Feel Like Getting Older DOESN'T Suck!

If you have Aches and Pains, I can help you Move Better and Feel Better

Where do YOU hurt?

Kaci McCrossen
Hermosa Beach CA

Before my session with Beth I started with low back pain and sciatica. I woke up the next day pain free. She brought things to my attention just by watching me walk, that I had never considered before. Her entire thorough assessment helped uncover other areas that were contributing to my pain. She focused her treatment on those areas which relieved my pain. She also game me some movements to work on my own which have kept me pain free!

Allyn Woghin
Redondo Beach CA

Beth Drayer is a genius. At the height of the pandemic stay-at-home orders, she put technology to work in ways I never thought possible, used her expert eye and diagnostic techniques to listen and assess the problem, and saved my (literal) butt.
I was having what felt to me like "hip pain" and "not quite shin splints." Exercise is my escape and respite from the chaos, so the idea of being injured or unable to workout as I wanted was making me SUPER anxious. I asked Beth if she thought she might be able to help, despite not being able to meet in person. She of course said yes, and took the time to have me set up my phone and began to assess. I paraded up and down the hallway, I touched my toes, I reached my arms, all the while wondering "what does this have to do with my hip?" And before long, Beth began to have me try different stretches - the pain subsided!!! It was a miracle! Somehow rolling my ankle side to side eased the pain in the front of my shin and my glute.
Beth gave me homework, and little by little, I improved. The only time I don't feel good now? When I don't do what she told me to. Beth is thorough, patient, funny, kind, and an expert at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to get on track from elite athlete to home workout junkie. Time with Beth will change how you approach what you do with your body

Jerry Johnson
Redondo Beach CA

After dealing with sore knees for over a year with visits to an orthopedic surgeon and doing prescribed PT, I was doing an at home CrossFit workout when suddenly I started to develop yet another issue with one of my knees. I was about two months from leaving for a 5-day backpacking trip and needed a solution fast. I needed help, I called Beth Drayer. Beth and I began meeting via zoom and she assessed my condition and gave me exercises and stretches to do. What I liked most about Beth’s approach was that it wasn’t just about doing exercises, but also included why my knees were doing what they were doing. While the exercises hurt some at the beginning, within a week I began to see improvement.
Before I started with Beth, I couldn’t walk down stairs or hills without pain. My knees hurt when I was just sitting or trying to sleep. Within weeks of starting the exercises, the constant pain was all but gone, and my knees were only sore after or during workouts. In the two months prior to the backpacking trip, my knees got stronger and tougher during training hikes, and I was able to do long hikes up to 12 miles with a full backpack. The backpacking trip went really well and included the summit of Mount Whitney. Coming down from the summit to the portal is about 11 miles and 6600 feet of elevation loss, mostly on granite, all done with a 37-pound backpack on my back. The day after leaving the portal I woke to sore but not swollen knees, and within two days no knee pain at all. While my knees do still get sore from time to time, usually after really hard workouts, thanks to Beth, I have the tools and understanding to deal with it. I tell people my “Knees are by Beth”. I won’t hesitate to call her again should I need to. She understands and knows how to help you. You just have to do the work.
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