Why Your Knees Hurt During A Workout + What To Do About It
Written by Beth Drayer on April 25th 2015
Do your knees ache every time you climb stairs, get out of bed, go for a job or bend down to do a squat at the gym? Does this keep you from your exercise routine for fear of increased pain and possible damage? Knee pain is one of the most common complains I see hear that keeps people from their workouts. If you're part of this group, read on for the possible causes of your knee pain and also how to fix it.
Your Core is not your Abs
Written by Beth Drayer on March 6th 2015
There is a common misunderstanding about “Core” workouts today.
Sit ups, crunches, leg lifts etc. are abdominal workouts that will give you a stronger rectus abdominis muscle and stronger, tighter hip flexors. If you add in some back and hip extensions then you will have strong back muscles.
But there is a difference between core strength and core stability. And without core stability, core strength is useless.
3 Easy tips to help you feel better in minutes!
Written by Beth Drayer on Jan. 5th 2018
Just wanted to give you some tips on how making some small changes can make big differences in how you feel!
1. Move more during your day. I know you are thinking.....
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